Crown Service Contractors: Seamless Construction from Ground Up
Project completion on time, on budget, and in full compliance.
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Industry Savvy

We’re not just builders; we’re industry professionals. We understand the unique demands of white box buildouts from a construction viewpoint.

Comprehensive Project Management

It’s not just about bricks and beams; it’s about managing timelines, resources, and expectations. With our expertise in project management, you can expect a streamlined process and on-time delivery.

Budget Integrity

In construction, money talks. We ensure your budget is respected from the ground up, providing value at every phase of the project.

Why Choose Crown?


Crown Service Contractors is the preferred choice for County, City, State Municipalities, and retail/white box projects in Georgia. We understand local requirements intimately. Our reputation stems from our unwavering commitment to precision, timely deliveries, and transparent communication. Whether navigating the intricate demands of government contracts or setting the stage for retail ventures, our expert team ensures regulatory compliance, budget adherence, and top-notch craftsmanship. Our blend of industry knowledge, hands-on experience, and a keen understanding of the local terrain makes Crown an unmatched partner for construction projects, big or small. Choose Crown, where quality construction meets local expertise.

Crown continues to satisfy its customers with a specific purpose and mission to make each project “great”!

Crown is proud to be a certified Women Owned Small Business

Crown’s strength lies in out excellence in Project Management. We believe Project Management consists of 3 main components:

  • On time
  • On budget
  • Committing to a safe work environment

Many companies are very capable of doing all these well. However, we believe our difference is in our Mission Statement and more importantly our application of it in our daily culture.
“To be great at managing projects and make a life-time impact on those we encounter”.

Crown is prepared to meet and solve any problem that arises and complete every project with the owner’s best interest in mind.

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Our Services

The team at Crown has the in-house experience of completing hundreds of government and private construction projects in the North Georgia market. Our team will provide you with general guidance for your project needs. Crown’s mission is to be “GREAT” at managing projects and to make a lifetime impact on all those we work with.


New Construction

SLED Projects

County, City, State


White Box Buildout


General Contracting

Parks and Recreation Projects