Crown Service Contractors
Your Partner in State and Local Government Construction
Project completion on time, on budget, and in full compliance.
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Our team’s decades of work are evident in every city, county, and state project. We know the ins and outs, the challenges, and how to overcome them.

Strategic Vision

In construction, the foundation is just the beginning. We approach projects with a holistic view, ensuring longevity and utility for generations.

Budget Management

We respect the budget as much as the build. Ensuring that every dollar is used effectively is a commitment, not just a consideration.

Why Choose Crown?


Crown Service Contractors is a recognized leader in state and local government construction across Georgia. As we’ve enhanced city, county, and state facilities, our hands-on experience and dedication have cemented our reputation in the SLED sector. 

Woman Led, Industry Tested

Being a woman-owned company in the construction space brings a unique perspective, ensuring that each project is approached with a detailed eye, while never sacrificing the grit and strength needed in our line of work. 

Government Projects, Crown Crafted 

Our extensive work with city, county, and state entities means we understand the intricacies and requirements that come with governmental contracts. We navigate through the regulations and ensure every project is compliant, efficient, and built to stand the test of time. 

 Beyond the Government Blueprint 

While our core remains SLED projects, Crown Service Contractors also extends its expertise to offices, franchises, and retail establishments. Our diversified experience ensures that each venture, regardless of its nature, gets the quality construction it deserves. 

Why Crown Holds the Standard in SLED Construction? 

  • Home-Grown Knowledge: As a Georgia-based company, our familiarity with local nuances and standards is unmatched. 
  • Proven Reliability: Our track record with government entities speaks for itself. When we commit, we deliver. 
  • Dedicated Focus: Regardless of the project size, our team is all in, ensuring attention to detail and unwavering quality. 
  • Qualified and Certified: Our certifications and vast project history make us a preferred choice in the SLED construction arena. 
  • Open Channels: We maintain clear communication lines with all stakeholders, ensuring a seamless construction experience. 

Crown’s difference is in our Mission Statement and more importantly our application of it in our daily culture.

“To be great at managing projects and make a life-time impact on those we encounter”.

Join Forces with Crown for a Stronger Georgia 

If you’re seeking a construction partner that understands the rigors of the industry and delivers consistently, Crown Service Contractors is the answer. Reach out, and let’s lay the foundation for a lasting partnership. 

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Our Services

The team at Crown has the in-house experience of completing hundreds of government and private construction projects in the North Georgia market. Our team will provide you with general guidance for your project needs. Crown’s mission is to be “GREAT” at managing projects and to make a lifetime impact on all those we work with.


New Construction

SLED Projects

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General Contracting

Parks and Recreation Projects