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Crown Service Contractors makes the procurement process EASY!

As an awarded and state approved provider of Gordian’s ezIQC® solutions getting jobs approved and started has never been easier!

Cost Control

ezIQC® establishes local material, labor, and equipment pricing upfront in a Construction Task Catalog®

Time Savings

Initiating projects is simpler and faster with ezIQC®. With contracts already awarded and preset pricing for tasks, projects can start in a matter of days!

Accuracy and Auditability

ezIQC® and Gordian can ensure accuracy in every price proposal to confirm it is contract compliant, transparent, and auditable

Learn More about ezIQC

When you need repairs, renovations, upgrades or time-sensitive work underway quickly, you can access our construction services through Gordians ezIQC® solution!

ezIQC® allows your immediate access to our services via cooperative purchasing networks, so you can get started on your project NOW!

ezIQC® allows you to avoid the red tape of traditional project execution, issue POs in just a few days and satisfy your local competitive-bidding requiments – all while taking advantage of volume discounts.