Project Management
Project completion on time, on budget, and in full compliance.
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Industry Savvy

We’re not just builders; we’re industry professionals. We understand the unique demands of white box buildouts from a construction viewpoint.

Comprehensive Project Management

It’s not just about bricks and beams; it’s about managing timelines, resources, and expectations. With our expertise in project management, you can expect a streamlined process and on-time delivery. 


Budget Integrity

In construction, money talks. We ensure your budget is respected from the ground up, providing value at every phase of the project. 



At Crown Service Contractors, we pride ourselves on not only delivering superior construction projects but also ensuring the journey to completion is as seamless as the final product. Enter our 3P process — the Perfect Project Process. It’s not just a methodology; it’s our commitment to excellence at every phase. With the 3P process, clients experience a meticulously curated approach that has been honed over years, marrying our deep industry knowledge with best practices. From initial consultation to the final brick, the 3P process guarantees precision, efficiency, and a project outcome that meets, if not exceeds, expectations. Experience construction redefined with Crown’s 3P approach.

Woman Led, Industry Tested

Being a woman-owned company in the construction space brings a unique perspective, ensuring that each project is approached with a detailed eye, while never sacrificing the grit and strength needed in our line of work. 

Great construction project management doesn’t just happen…it’s created! 


We strive for absolute perfection from the opening bid to the final sign-off. Attention to the specific details of your project is what will make you love our 3P construction project management  process. 


Project management is about more than just a completed job, it is about managing expectations, manpower, resources, and relationships. Crown’s 3P process manages every aspect of your project from beginning to end. 


To excel at anything, including project management, there are processes that must be followed. Crown’s 3P process is a robust and detailed process that guarantees your project meets the highest of industry standards. 

Tried and true, Crown’s 3P process has been proven over our nearly 20 years of project management in our retail construction and retail fixture installation divisions.  

  • Assigning the team
    • The 3P process begins and ends with great communication between our team and yours. Our first phase consists of assembling the best team for your job as well as preparing the proper documentation to get started. 
    • Attaining the job 
      • Continuing on the process into phase two, we have internal team meetings gathering bids from subcontractors as needed for your project in order to get you the best possible quality and price.  
      • Project Planning 
        • A team that has a proper plan can eliminate problems and sidestep obstacles before they become an issue. From workers to materials it’s the resources that get the job done right! Lock-tight logistics ensure that the proper resources get to where they need to be.  
        • Project Execution 
          • A day-to-day plan of action keeps everything on track and you are apprised of what is happening on your project. Safety, timelines, checklists, and regular updates ensure that your project is executed with impeccable standards. 
          • Project Closeout 
            • The final steps of a project can be some of the most crucial. Closing out a job requires a great attention to detail. From punch-lists to permits this is where it really counts. Having a team dedicated to your details will make all of the difference. 

          Our Services

          The team at Crown has the in-house experience of completing hundreds of government and private construction projects in the North Georgia market. Our team will provide you with general guidance for your project needs. Crown’s mission is to be “GREAT” at managing projects and to make a lifetime impact on all those we work with.


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